My Turning Point

This is not a story I share with many people because I am still coping with a lot of it. I still have a lot of bitterness and emotion that comes when I think about it, but I realize that, if I want to reach as many people as possible and help as many as I can, I have to share the hard stuff. I have to share what brought me to this point in my life.

6 years ago, I was pregnant, overweight, and struggling. At 36 weeks pregnant, I had my normal check-up and it was discovered that my platelets had dropped very low and my entire birth plan was changed. Going into this, I had fully intended to have an epidural and be “good-to-go.” This appointment made that not possible. I now had 4 weeks to prepare for a no pain-med birth.

Fast forward 4 more weeks and things still weren’t going well. My active labor went for over 30 hours all without any pain meds and the doctors were ready to add more drugs to try to move my labor along. That’s when I decided to have a C-section.

Once again, nothing went as planned. The doctors tried an epidural multiple times so that I could be awake to meet Maddie and Rob could be in the room. It didn’t work so I was put under and problems still persisted. I came out of that surgery just to be told that I needed another.

Surgery number 2 was to stop all the bleeding I had. This was then complicated with a lung collapse and needing transfusions and bags of platelets.

I got to wake up in an ICU strapped to a bed with a breathing tube helping me breathe. I was stuck like that for most of the day while I had to use a whiteboard to talk and I saw pictures of Maddie from Rob’s phone. I didn’t get to meet her until she was almost 2 days old.

Once I made it out of the ICU and back up to labor and delivery, I had visitors from all over the hospital who had heard what had happened to me and they were literally coming to see that it was true; that I had made it out.

There was one nurse in particular who came in and gave me the biggest hug and handed me a sticky note and that was it. I had never met her before and didn’t see her again, but on the note was “My child, you are blessed and highly favored, you and your whole family. Luke 1:28 KJV”