Making the Most of Your Time at Home

I take the time to plan out my blogs at least a month ahead of time. A month ago, when I chose a topic for my second blog of the month, Coronavirus or COVID-19 was a very distant disease that “didn’t affect America.” Originally, I was very excited to tell you all about why I compete in competitions and races. I was planning to sign up for a competition at CrossFit Waukesha and I was ready to kick some butt at it. I have been really focused on perfecting my technique in lifts and getting overall stronger. I’ve been building strength in my upper body by focusing a lot on ring muscle-up practice and strict pull-ups.

And then the pandemic hit.

Instead of telling you all about my motivations to compete, I want to talk about a few things to do to keep your sanity right now. Many people are self-quarantining. Some have kids, some don’t, some are married, some aren’t. We all have to learn to deal with a little isolation in these times and here’s how I’m doing it.


If you didn’t know, I love to workout. It really is my stress relief and the closure of my CrossFit box was a huge blow. I just wanted to go, get my workout done, and just not touch anyone. But I guess plans change. Luckily, when we lived in Sasebo, Japan, we invested in a decent home gym so I can still get my workout on but I really miss my box and the friendly competition, and just getting to talk with other people who just “get it.” They have similar mentalities as myself and they understand my compulsion to workout… A LOT!

Before this all started, I was focused on developing strength and technique on the barbell. I was spending 3 days a week lifting in addition to my normal daily CrossFit classes. I was also speed training for a 10k in May but that has been rescheduled. I have also been focused on getting a ring muscle up. For the most part, I have been able to stick with my training. I’ve had to get creative with the rings and have been focusing more on gaining strength in my strict pull-ups to help stay on track (this year alone I have gone from 1 strict pull-up to 6 unbroken). I’ve stepped back a bit with my running just because I don’t have the time to spend running up to 6 miles with Maddie in the stroller and she doesn't want to do that either.

A lot of CrossFit boxes are offering at-home workout options. Some are offering to rent out equipment to its members. Just because you are stuck at home (literally) doesn’t mean you give up on your goals. This isn’t a vacation from your goals; if anything you should be (or can be) more dedicated than ever to really crack down.

If you are struggling with workouts, let me know! If you head over to my Facebook group you will find some free running programs that I have up for grabs. Even better is that I am offering 40% off all of my programs through the end of May 2020. I can make a program specifically for you and the equipment you have available.

Take in a virtual concert

This is a great time to get free concerts from many artists. They are taking to social media and doing live shows. It’s pretty cool to see how many people are continuing to make their careers work regardless of what is going on. Just take a look at #togetherathome to see the multitude of free things to watch. I saw John Legend, Pink, Keith Urban, Lukas Graham and so many more. You can also watch live Opera and Symphony concerts. While these times really put a damper on life, its good acts like these that leave me some hope in humanity.

While we are virtual, check out the zoo

Or the aquarium, museums, famous locations across the world! So many places are offering virtual tours. I have been keeping a list of placing I want to check out; Disney World (Maddie is going to love it), the San Diego Zoo, Blarney castle, the sunset off the cliffs of Mohr, the Smithsonian museum, and so much more. My favorite part about this is that it really helps you decide if it’s a place you want to go to in person. Maddie and I toured Disney World the other day as a part of her new school schedule with her new teacher, Mrs. Mommy.

If you have kids…

A lot of people have been stuck inside with their kids and slowing running out of things to do. I made a schedule similar to Maddie’s school schedule. It is printed with pictures and a clock so we are working on our reading and how to tell time. She loves it. Every time we get done with an activity she runs over to see what we are doing next. Its great for a few reasons. I am making sure we don’t spend all day watching TV. I added in educational aspects so she can stay on track in her learning for kindergarten next fall. I also have dedicated time to focus on gymnastics which keeps her active and engaged. We also have fun projects thrown in like art or going for a walk to start our day. My favorite part is that I am also focusing on building Maddie’s faith foundation so we set aside a dedicated time each day to read the bible, watch a video about it, and then journal about it! It’s been fun seeing her love to learn with me!

There is so much you can do while at home. It’s quite nice to slow it down a bit and focus on myself and on my daughter. I am making the most of this time that I have and enjoying this while I can. I hope you all are having fun at home and finding ways to stay busy and get your goals!

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Originally published March 2020. Edited April 2020.

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