Learn About Rachael

Growing up I was never really a "gym" person or a running person or a "do any physical activity on purpose" person. I stayed active with marching band and dance team and I worked quite a bit. I would occasionally hit a few cable machines at my school's gym but I wasn't considered an athletic person (still not if you ask my husband who says I'm just uncoordinated). The extent of my workouts consisted of doing leg day over and over again since that's what I was good at and my legs were naturally big! Eating healthy wasn't something I really understood either and at the time, science was telling us how bad carbs were and low carb diets were all the rage. Unfortunately, I also loved sugar so low carb wasn't really working for me. Joining the U.S. Navy helped me a little. I now had a reason to work out but it still wasn't a consistent habit.

I would push myself when our physical assessments came up and of course, if I was out to sea with nothing else to do, I'd hit the gym. I still didn't really know what I was doing. I did what other women did... I ran, did ab workouts, and lifted light weights because, well, I didn't want to get "too bulky". I took some fitness classes while out to sea too because it was easier than having to fight for a treadmill. I still ate really bad; chips, ramen noodles, anything microwavable that didn't require refrigeration was my go to. After the Navy, I had no reason to workout and so I didn't and my weight suffered for it. I combined that with still eating poorly and eating too much. I quickly became out of shape. I dabbled for a month with Insanity by Shaun T but that go to be too hard so I gave up. By the time I got pregnant I was nearly 30 pounds overweight and we were eating out at least twice a week and sometimes way more. After having my daughter, I was in rough shape, I had an emergency C-section and a subsequent emergency surgery that landed me in the ICU with a breathing tube. I also left the hospital at 5 feet tall weighing 197 lbs.

Now, I was never told that my weight had anything to do with my complications but in my mind it did. I decided then and there that my daughter was going to grow up seeing her mom be all she could be and know that exercise isn't a punishment for food but just a part of everyday life. I have spent everyday since she was born pushing myself to every limit I can find. Because of exposing her to fitness, sh