Garage Gym: Wishlist vs. Real Life

We are luckier than most in that, because we were living in Japan with an addiction for CrossFit and the closest box being 2 hours away (and about $80 round trip in tolls), we invested in a few key pieces of equipment to build a porch gym. We didn’t buy any cardio equipment because shipping was INSANE and because we had some really good and relatively safe running routes around our house plus a great running group in the area that we met up with regularly. We were also pretty fortunate to have pretty decent weather year-round so outdoor cardio wasn’t difficult. We invested in a few pieces of equipment that we are so very thankful for now that we are all stuck at home. Now that we live in Wisconsin, our needs have changed a bit so here is our garage gym; our wishlist versus real life!

Cardio Wishlist: Air runner and Assault bike

With a combined total of $4,400, both of these cardio machines make the wishlist and not real life! While the Assault bike is only $700 (compared to $3,700 for the air runner), it has been out of stock on every site that sells them thanks to the pandemic and the rush to build a garage gym. I have wanted a treadmill for a long time. Running is actually what started my fitness journey after my daughter was born. Her and I would take walks every day and I would set a goal of exploring a new part of our neighborhood. Eventually, my 20 minute walks were turning into 2 hour walks and then my husband was telling me that I should start running. And that was it. I started running. At my peak, I was running at least a 5k each day of the week and I loved it. Now that my daughter is getting older, she doesn’t fit as comfortably into the stroller and is much less inclined to stay in it for as long as I’d like, and so, a treadmill was added to the list. My husband wants an air runner because it requires no outlet and helps correct your running for you!

The assault bike is just a CrossFit torture device that we would really love to have. While I hate most workouts with assault bike in it, it makes you a much better athlete and always leaves me feeling so satisfied after!