Garage Gym: Wishlist vs. Real Life

We are luckier than most in that, because we were living in Japan with an addiction for CrossFit and the closest box being 2 hours away (and about $80 round trip in tolls), we invested in a few key pieces of equipment to build a porch gym. We didn’t buy any cardio equipment because shipping was INSANE and because we had some really good and relatively safe running routes around our house plus a great running group in the area that we met up with regularly. We were also pretty fortunate to have pretty decent weather year-round so outdoor cardio wasn’t difficult. We invested in a few pieces of equipment that we are so very thankful for now that we are all stuck at home. Now that we live in Wisconsin, our needs have changed a bit so here is our garage gym; our wishlist versus real life!

Cardio Wishlist: Air runner and Assault bike

With a combined total of $4,400, both of these cardio machines make the wishlist and not real life! While the Assault bike is only $700 (compared to $3,700 for the air runner), it has been out of stock on every site that sells them thanks to the pandemic and the rush to build a garage gym. I have wanted a treadmill for a long time. Running is actually what started my fitness journey after my daughter was born. Her and I would take walks every day and I would set a goal of exploring a new part of our neighborhood. Eventually, my 20 minute walks were turning into 2 hour walks and then my husband was telling me that I should start running. And that was it. I started running. At my peak, I was running at least a 5k each day of the week and I loved it. Now that my daughter is getting older, she doesn’t fit as comfortably into the stroller and is much less inclined to stay in it for as long as I’d like, and so, a treadmill was added to the list. My husband wants an air runner because it requires no outlet and helps correct your running for you!

The assault bike is just a CrossFit torture device that we would really love to have. While I hate most workouts with assault bike in it, it makes you a much better athlete and always leaves me feeling so satisfied after!

Cardio Real life: Gold Vintage Schwinn Airdyne Bike

Real life comes with a gold vintage Schwinn Airdyne bike from the 70s or 80s! My mom found it for me while we were in Japan at an auction for a wopping $12! RIGHT?!?! While it isn’t an assault bike, it is still quite torturous for me and is a great indoor cardio option. A quick look on eBay right now for the exact same model has a price tag from $170-$800! I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that everyone is looking for something they can use at home since the gyms are closed but still, we got a great deal on ours!

Flooring Wishlist: Weightlifting platform

This quarantine has had me working on my lifts… A LOT! I just finished up a 12 week cycle of a program of my own design. It is designed to help you get stronger by strategically working on your lifts. I was dedicating 45 minutes to an hour 3 days a week to just lifting and a platform would have been nice. I love being able to use the platform at the gym; it is level and absorbs a lot of the impact when dropping weights and helps protect your equipment a bit more. Unfortunately, the cost for a good platform is quite large and I make do with normal flooring.

Flooring Real Life: Rolled Rubber Fitness Flooring

I finally decided to order legit flooring instead of using the small 4x8 horse stall mats that we have collected over the years. It wasn’t cheap after you added in the cost of shipping, but it is doing a great job pulling together our space. I ordered 50 feet worth which covered about half of my garage. It is really nice being able to do burpees on a nice mat floor instead of on the cold concrete and it stays cleaner. I did keep our random horse stall mats and created a dedicated lifting area with them. They are on top on the new flooring, so it is some extra padding for lifting.

Space Wishlist: High Ceilings for Muscle Ups

I work out in a garage and even my short self runs into a somewhat low ceiling on the pull-up bars. If I could, I would raise the ceiling so that we could do bar muscle ups and be able to attach rings to do ring work. I was getting so close to my first muscle up just before this lockdown happened and I hope that I have worked enough on my strength to be able to get it shortly after we get back.

Space Real life: It’s a Garage!

Our gym is in our garage, so ceiling height is limited. We are still more fortunate than most so I can’t really complain. We have no problem doing pull-ups or lifting overhead so I can’t complain too much, but this is a wishlist so…

Weights Wishlist: A Variety of Dumbbell and Kettlebell Weights

Having more than one weight in dumbbells and kettlebells would be so nice. There has been a lot of dumbbell work during this quarantine and the heavier weight is really taking a toll on me. I would love to have at least a set of 20’s and 25’s on dumbbells and maybe a 25 and 30 for kettlebells especially when doing accessory work.

Weights Real Life: 35 Pound Dumbbells and a 40 Pound Kettlebell

I am fortunate enough to have 2 rubber dumbbells and 35 pounds is the usual weight for most RX workouts but after doing 35 pounds nearly every day for the last (almost) 2 months, I could use a lower weight. The Kettlebell isn’t too bad. I have no issue swinging 40 pounds but when doing and overhead walking lunge or Turkish get-ups, I would like to have a lower option. I am making it work and trying to listen to what my body is telling. I have cut reps down or simple gone slower than I normally would.

Clock Wishlist: Rogue Gym Timer

I would love to have a legit Rogue Gym Timer, but we have just never gotten around to buying one. Most gym timers are wall-mountable and programmable. So, the best part is that I can have the clock count down or count up, I can set an EMOM or an AMRAP, I can put repeats on it, or just have it display the current time. I would just be a great addition to our gym. But this is another item that is sold out due to this pandemic.

Clock Real Life: My Phone

Yep! I use the stopwatch, timer, or I have an app called “Seconds” that I use to program EMOMs, Tabatas, etc. It works pretty well although it is tiny and doesn’t have a cool countdown feature like the gym timer. It’s been working well for me for the last 4-ish years so I will just continue to use it. On a good note, when it’s a workout with some sort of running, I can grab my phone and take it with me!

Rig Wishlist: Rogue Power Rack

I would love to have a rig that works a bit better than what we currently have.

I would love a sturdy power rack. This Rogue one would be awesome and maybe I’d even customize it. As I said, I do a lot of lifting and a lot of pull-ups and muscle up practice and having a sturdy rig that can accomplish both of those is a must

Rig Real life: Squat rack with a pull-up bar

We have a squat rack with a pull-up par. It does the job alright, but we have to have weights on each corner of it otherwise it pops up. It wouldn’t be such an issue with bolted it down, but we don’t since we move so often and usually don’t own our place.

Well there it is… my gym wishlist and what I have settled for with a lesser price tag. What would you love to have?

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