Frequently Asked Questions about Nitz Clear Focus Training

The training program:

Q: So how does this work?

A: I have created an online program that I tailor to your abilities, that you can take anywhere (just specify your equipment). The program is designed to help you lose fat while building muscle and is not solely focused on “weight loss” because there are times when your measuremetns will go down while maintaining/sometimes gaining weight. This is because 1 pound of fat takes up more space than 1 pound of muscle and my goals is to replace the fat, not just get rid of it.

Q: What are your prices?

A: The price for a 1 month program is $49.99. The price for all challenges is $24.99. The price for a goal getter program starts at $54.99/month.

Q: What is your full-body program?

A: The full-body program is designed to make you well-rounded in your fitness. You will learn how to lift (Olympic lifting and power lifting), you will run, bike, row, and jump rope, and you will utilize bodyweights as well. We will communicate as often as you’d like through the TrueCoach website.

Q: What is the goal getter program?

A: Sometimes we have our fitness in the bag but want to tackle a new goal. That’s where my goal getter program comes in. I will help you reach your goals in running (5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon) or in weightlifting (increase Olympic lifts, start power lifting).

Q: What is the goal of your programs?

A: The goal of any of my programs is to get you running faster, lifting heavier, and above all, being healthier. You will lose weight and you will tone your body.

Q: What is the program structure like? How many days a week will I be working out?

A: I use a 3:1 workout structure; so you workout for 3 days straight with increasing intensity, then take a rest day. Studies have shown that this structures yields the best results.

Q: How long is a program?

A: Every non-challenge program I offer is 30 days.

Q: What is TrueCoach?

A: TrueCoach is a coaching website I utilize to administer my program, track progress, communicate with clients, log results, etc. Currently they also have an iOS app with an Android one in the works. It automatically sends you emails each day to let you know what you have for the day and is super simple to use.

Q: What happens if I can't do a movement programed?

A: I tailor everything to your level. You will answer a questionnaire before we begin which will give me a baseline for where to start you. From there we can talk as often as you need to make any tweaks or just to get clarification.

Q: What do I get when I sign up?

A: When you sign-up you get 30 days of specialized programming made for you. You get access to the TrueCoach website. You will be added to the Clients-only Facebook page FOR LIFE.

Q: What is the Clients-only facebook page about?

A: The Clients-only page is just for clients of Nitz Clear Focus Training. It is a place to ask any questions, see others progress, get tips and tricks for all things fitness, health, and wellness, and its exclusive.

The challenges:

Q: How much are your challenges?

A: Every challenge I do is $24.99.

Q: How long is the challenge?

A: Depending on the challenge, it can be 25 days up to 40 days.

Q: Can I do this challenge from home?

A: Each challenge is designed to be done from anywhere. On occasion there will be running or some bodyweight movement that requires equipment (rowing, biking), but we can always make it fit your needs.

Q: What do your challenges include?

A: My challenges are designed to help you work on your physical and mental health. You will be challenged to complete bodyweight workouts and do mental health exercises. You will be asked to share your goals and experiences. And you will be asked to push yourself just a little harder each day.

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Originally published July 2019. Edited April 2020.

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