Daily Habits for a Fitter You!

We all want to just wake up one day and be fit! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. Wouldn’t it be so nice if it did? In actuality, it takes a lot of hard work, commitment, dedication, and consistency. It doesn’t mean waking up one morning and deciding that you are going to do EVERYTHING right; you’re going to eat perfectly, workout for 6 hours each day, meditate for 2 hours every day, and still fit in the rest of your life; your work, your family, your obligations. It means making a few changes at a time and I’ve got the ultimate list of the easiest ones to get you started on a fitter YOU!


Wake Up Early

I see you rolling your eyes at me… Yes! Waking up early is one of the most commonly seen activities in fit individuals, also in successful individuals. Why? Well, waking up early has been linked to lower levels of mental health conditions (depression, anxiety, etc.) in women. Studies have also shown that those who wake early have less negative thoughts. Your overall sleep quality improves when you wake up early because you go to bed earlier instead of waiting until you are dead tired and exhausted. And sleep is super important for your fitness. Basically, waking up early leads to greater productivity, which ultimately makes you more tired by the end of the night, making you actually fall asleep when you lay down instead of just laying there staring at the ceiling. So start getting up early and quit sleeping in!


Get Your Exercise In

Well this one is quite obvious (especially since you are reading a blog by a fitness professional). Make sure you are getting in some sort of physical activity each day. I am not saying you need to hit the weights hard and do a 2 hour workout every day, but you should be doing what you can to stay active. Maybe that means going on a walk every day or having a wrestling match with your kids. Maybe it means an hour of yoga or hitting a CrossFit class. Whatever it means to you, make sure you are doing it each day.


Eat Healthy Throughout the Day