Checking in With My Goals

By this point in the year, most people have completely lost sight of their New Year’s Resolutions but I am bound and determined to stick with mine and I hope you are too!

Let’s start with how I’m tracking my goals and maybe you can get a few ideas from it.

I got this really awesome planner at the beginning of the year that allows you to utilize the law of attraction. Basically, the law of attraction says that what you focus on in your life is what you will attract and what you put energy into, you will attract into your life. This planner breaks down the largest aspects of your life so you can focus on goals in each one of them. It has so much you can do in it and I LOVE color coding the whole thing. Check it out!

Health goals

My health goals mainly focus around physical abilities. I want to get stronger on the barbell. I would like to bench 125 pounds, deadlift 275 pounds, back squat 200 pounds, snatch 110 pounds and clean 140 pounds. I hit 200 pounds on my back squat last month and have since shifted my focus more to my pulling abilities and technique in my snatch and clean; both of which I am only 5 pounds away from my goal on. When it comes to my bench, I have a tendency to get in my head so my goal is to focus on getting mentally stronger.

In addition to getting stronger on the barbell, I also want to bring my body fat percentage down below 25%. I am currently sitting around 27% so I have been taking the time to focus on my diet. I am following a keto diet of 60% fats, 30% protein, and 20% carbs (here's the calculator I used). Before you freak out and try to say that keto is bad for me, keep in mind that I have done a lot of research on different diets and I know that when I eat more carbs, I just feel crappier. I have tried low carb, low fat diets before as well but those just leave me feeling hungry all the time. As of now, I am really enjoying the keto diet. It is keeping me full and satiated and my energy levels are still up.

My last health goal is to get a ring muscle up. I am putting a lot of focus on strict pull-ups, negatives, ring rows, and muscle up transition practice. So far I have gone from being able to barely do one strict pull-up at a time to doing three at a time consistently. Recently I completed a 20 minute metcon doing sets of three strict pull-ups unbroken throughout the entire workout and I call that A LOT of progress. I am also spending a lot more time just on the rings; getting comfortable with them, practicing false grip, and practicing pulling to my hips in order to get in a good position for a muscle up. I can feel that I am super close… definitely will have them by the end of the year.

Spiritual goals

I wont lie; my spiritual goals are not coming along as amazing as my health goals but I also think that these are less tangible. I set myself a goal of either starting or joining a bible study. I have not done this yet. I have been playing around with this idea of combining two of my passions into one by creating a fitness challenge laced with a biblical challenge. I haven’t exactly figured this one out yet. I think I am also just afraid that not as many would sign up for that, but I am still mulling that one out. Any ideas you may have would be greatly helpful!

In lines with my bible study goal, I also just want to spend more time with God each day. I started really well in January with a challenge based on learning the attributes of God. It was one verse a day. I would read it and think about what trait it was portraying and journal it. In February I tried to step it up a bit by picking a challenge that was more like 10 verses a day and I quickly fell off on that one. I also getting daily emails from “Faith RX’d” and even those I am inconsistent with.

On a good note, I do pray with Maddie each night before bed and listen to almost entirely Christian music so maybe I am doing something right there. At least my child can grow up knowing how to include God in her life each day. I do take a few minutes most days to say a prayer of thanks and to pray over those that have touched my life and I know could use a little prayer, but I would like to be more intentional about setting aside that time. At least it is still early in the year and I could master this in the next few months and be really proud of myself.

Lastly, I had this goal of adding more yoga in my life. I used to consistently do yoga when I first started my fitness journey and then again when I was in Sasebo but I have since left it behind. The last month I have made it a point to do more yoga. In February I did a series called “Home” with it was a daily program. This month my goal is three times a week to either follow along with a video or to create my own flow. So far, it is going well and I am enjoying the time connecting with my body again.

Personal growth goals

My personal growth goal is pretty simple. I want to go back to school and get my masters. I have already found my school and program (University of Wisconsin-Stout in Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling). I have already applied and we are awaiting our (hopeful) acceptance letter into the program. (*edit update: I have been accepted to their full-time program starting Fall 2020) I am pretty excited and extremely nervous to go back and balance the challenges of working full-time, owning a business, taking care of a house we actually own, and making sure to spend quality time with Maddie. It will be hard but so worth it if I want to become a counselor.

I also had a goal of getting Maddie into private school! (*edit update: She's been accepted and will start Fall 2020) I am super excited about this one. We applied for her to attend Christian Life School and I can’t wait for her to be able to build her academic foundation with Jesus front and center. I may not be the best at prioritizing my faith before other things but I believe this school will give her those tools.

Family goals

With Rob’s current work schedule, I had to keep the family goals pretty simple. I simply want one family “date” night a month. This could be going to a movie together, going to a park, or party, or spending the night turning our living room into a movie theatre (which we do quite often). This month, Maddie has been asking quite a lot to go ice skating so I am hoping to get to take a day and go to an indoor ice rink and teach her to skate. I think this will be a very fun time for all of us. One big thing Maddie and I have been doing together which has made me feel better about the amount of time we spend together is making dinner. She loves to help me make dinner. Usually it’s a salad. I cut everything and she is the mastermind behind what I cut and how to plate it all. She makes some pretty outstanding salads, by the way. I want to start looking for more kid-friendly cooking recipes so she can spend more time in the kitchen with me. Let’s face it, I can only eat so many salads in a month so we need some options!

Career and business goals

I’ve already talked about going back to school in order to further my dream of being a counselor. In particular, I would like to use fitness in my counseling techniques which is why, if you are one of my clients on my “clients-only” FB page, I take time each week to talk about the therapy side of fitness.

In regards to Nitz Clear Focus Training, I set this goal of being a consistent blogger. For me, that means twice a month. When I first started that goal, I was hitting two blogs a month but there was no set schedule to it. When I got my new planner, I made the decision that I would spend week one & three each month on a blog and make sure that on the 2nd and 4th weeks there were posted. I have been doing fairly well with that and having a designated due date has really helped me not procrastinate.

I also set a goal of retaining clients each month. So far I have been staying steady and not losing any clients. Unfortunately, I haven’t been gaining any clients either but I think that has more to do with my reluctance to spam people with my ads. I do not pay for any advertisement (I am not nearly big enough to justify that cost). Because of that, most of my clients are people who know me personally. Eventually, I would love to expand my client base but I know that it is a slow process so for now, I will continue to post all over the place in hopes that I catch the right eyes.

My last business goal is to host four challenges throughout the year. So far I started out with a New Year’s Challenge which went really well. I really enjoy seeing how much progress people make in just one month. The next one in the works will start sometime in April and will run to Memorial Day. This one is my “Summer Prep” Challenge getting people ready for swimsuit season! I haven’t fully decided on the last two challenges yet. I really enjoyed the first challenge I hosted that ran from October to Thanksgiving. I liked that I added a different variable of including kindness and thankfulness into the challenge which was a nice segway into the season of thanksgiving. If you have any thoughts on a challenge you’d like to see, please let me know!

Well… there you have it. That’s where I am sitting with my 2020 goals. There is a lot going on in my life and if yours is also a chaotic one, I really do suggest you check out this planner that I got (no, I am not getting ANY incentives with my blog, I just truly love this thing) and see if it can help you prioritize your life the way it has mine. Don’t forget to leave me any tips you may think of or any challenges you’d love to see.

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Originally published March 2020. Edited April 2020.

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