It's time for a CHANGE!

In 12 weeks, my program will get you to lose those extra pounds so you can love your body and like buying clothes again.



About the Owner

Hey guys! My name is Rachael! I am a mom to the best 6 year old girl ever, wife to a sailor, a navy veteran, a full-time student, and the owner of Nitz Clear Focus Training. 

I am passionate about motivating people to do things they didn’t think they could (or didn’t know they could) through fitness. I love to see how far my members come in such a short time with me. 

Over the last 7 years, I have gone from an overweight wife with no kids who never worked out and hated the way she looked, to a woman who feels sexy, with a daughter I am proud to have look up to me! Trust me, it didn’t happen overnight. 

I have been the woman who didn’t think she needed to workout. I have been the woman who ate fast food or ate out more than she cooked. I was oblivious to just how bad I had let myself slide until it almost took my life. 

I am not your typical fitness trainer. I have been where you are or even worse. I have fought my way to this place and I KNOW I can help you. I KNOW I can get you where you want to be. And I KNOW this is what I am meant to do. 

Floating through the air
Getting heavy
Getting "strict"
Take a breath
Big squats
Enjoying the sunshine
Do I have abs?!?!
Winning with my mini
Post-half marathon
Viewing life upside down
Flip that hair
Use those abs

NCFT Missions

NCFT is committed to giving back. Each month, 10% of proceeds are donated to a local organization affecting change here, near, and far. 
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