It's time for a CHANGE!

In 12 weeks, my health accountability program will guide you to a better body so you can look good in your clothes (feel better without them) and gain a newfound confidence.-



About the Owner

Hey guys! My name is Rachael! I am a mom to the best 6 year old girl ever, wife to a sailor, a navy veteran, a full-time student, and the owner of Nitz Clear Focus Training. 

I am passionate about motivating people to do things they didn’t think they could (or didn’t know they could) through fitness. I love to see how far my members come in such a short time with me. 

Over the last 7 years, I have gone from an overweight wife with no kids who never worked out and hated the way she looked, to a woman who feels sexy, with a daughter I am proud to have look up to me! Trust me, it didn’t happen overnight. 

I have been the woman who didn’t think she needed to workout. I have been the woman who ate fast food or ate out more than she cooked. I was oblivious to just how bad I had let myself slide until it almost took my life. 

I am not your typical fitness trainer. I have been where you are or even worse. I have fought my way to this place and I KNOW I can help you. I KNOW I can get you where you want to be. And I KNOW this is what I am meant to do. 

Floating through the air
Getting heavy
Getting "strict"
Take a breath
Big squats
Enjoying the sunshine
Do I have abs?!?!
Winning with my mini
Post-half marathon
Viewing life upside down
Flip that hair
Use those abs
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I am a personal trainer of six years and I have recently lost my spark and confidence in my own fitness journey. Thanks to Rachael's motivation, positivity, and determination, I've started to get my spark back. she truly believes that anything is achievable and possible, and she always finds a way to help others see the light at the end of the tunnel by supporting them every inch of the way.

Julie S

I've always believed the best trainers come from those who've transformed themselves--they're the ones who've 'been there," hit that road block, experienced that setback and yet, still figured out a way to preserve. That is the foundation of Nitz Clear Focus Training and Rachael's story is so inspiring. I highly recommend working with Nitz Clear Focus Training not only because of Rachael's personal triumph over the voices that keep us unhealthy, but also because of her unwavering dedication to help those around her do the same.

Julie H

I am beyond happy with the pre-thanksgiving challenge I'm participating in. It has pushed me well outside my comfort zone and, thanks to Nitz Clear Focus Training, I have found may new outlets of workouts/healthy living that I plan to continue many years from now, and even pass along to my friends and family

Jennifer H

Rachael is such a motivated self-starter, it's hard not to want to be all you can around her. Because of her, I tried kale in my morning yogurt...not something I want to repeat but she's so great at getting people out of their comfort zone with little things like that. Her self-lead weekend workout group in our community has been exactly what I needed in life! I'd ran a marathon but never done a box jump before that!

Lindsay A

Rachael provided a custom training template that is easy to follow, making it easy to get out there and do the workouts. The reference videos and demonstrations are great for anyone just starting out to learn movements; I even learned new things. This program has been perfect for me to get back in the gym after a few months of being busy preparing for a deployment and very easy to complete while deployed. Highly recommended!!!